UK Commerce Investment

What Is Commerce Investment?

We have partnered with the one of the most reputable commercial office providers in the U.K. 
They are a property developer and
commercial office provider that aims to fill the major gap in
the entrepreneurship ecosystem across UK and other parts of
the world. Because we believe that an office is more than a
physical work space; we work to deliver strong value propositions
across all our properties. 

They have  built and launched independent office space buildings in London, Dubai, and Shanghai.

Part of their successful journey has been the global investment contribution towards the acquisition and setup from property investors globally.

Investment Returns

Investing in office space development has a number of key financial benefits:
  • Ownership in the company that holds the title deed allowing you to exit and receive a potential uplift in a London property.
  • The London post code N1 has seen an increase in equity value of 35% in the past 5 years, with a strong growth of the same forecasted over the next 5 years, giving you a potential 70% increase over 10 years.
  • The business model has high profits allowing a return of 10.5% - 12.5% per year to our investors. 

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Projected Return on Investment

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